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style="background:#Template:Taxobox colour;"|Adenophorea
style="background:#Template:Taxobox colour;" | Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Adenophorea


Adenophorea is a class of nematodes. They are unsegmented worms.


ca:Adenophorea it:Adenophorea

  1. amphids always post-labial, variable shape, pore-like to elaborate.
  2. deirids not seen.
  3. phasmids generally absent.
  4. hypodermal glands present (excretory?) uninucleate.
  5. simple non-tubular excretory system when present.
  6. three caudal glands commonly opening through a spinneret at the tail tip.
  7. male generally has two testes.
  8. caudal alae rare.
  9. male with supplement glands in a single ventro-median row.
  10. sensory papillae in cephalic region and along body.
  11. generally five esophageal glands.
  12. marine, freshwater, terrestrial.

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